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In many moments, you can hardly tell the difference.
The gameplay itself is also very good. The characters move very smoothly and quickly, making very
no hiccups. The game has very good scenarios and a lot of diversity.
Sam and Drake are looking for
Captain Henry Avery's lost treasure. They're looking for Liberia, The Pirate paradise in Madagascar's
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when I got the game in the mailbox, I
immediately started playing.
Three years after the events of 4 Apk
Uncharted 3, Drake's Deception, Nathan Drake
decided to leave his days as treasure hunter behind. But soon, fate knocks on the door. Sam, Nate's
brother, is in grave danger and needs urgent help. He offers Drake an adventure he can't say no to.
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Uncharted 4. What a great game. The graphics are fantastic;
brilliant colors, depth, various beautiful landscapes from snow to tropical.
In particular, the graphics are fantastic, with some scenes you stop playing just to take a look around you. In the beginning
I had to get used to the many long videos you can click them away but then you miss key elements
from the story.
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I haven't had a moment of rut, and I always found it hard to
stop playing. The game is a bit of a mix between the older well-known Tombraider and Prince of
Persia etc. Shooting, climbing, puzzling, driving and so on are all well covered,
not once too difficult. If you're looking for a game in this genre, you won't regret it. The makers have
spared no effort to make a real spectacle of it.
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His greatest adventure will require the utmost of his stamina and determination. How much is he willing to sacrifice for the people he loves?
Your Big Brother needs help: Sam is five years older than his brother Nate, who thought he was dead.
Apparently, after Nate disappeared, he started his life as a treasure hunter.
Stopping wasn't talking. It was like the story lasted forever with his beautiful graphics. This game is definitely
worth its money. Did you find this a useful review? 7 0 inappropriate review?
This game is dripping with ambition for the title of "Game of the Year". Fans of the action-adventure genre, don't leave
Uncharted 4, A Thief's End takes you on a journey around the world through jungles, distant cities
and snowy mountain tops,
looking for Avery's fortune. Drake leaves his days as a treasure hunter, but still gets sucked back into
the world of Thieves. This time, a lot is at stake. Drake travels the world
looking for a historical conspiracy and a mysterious pirate treasure.
1zin is not a review, by the way! You deserve five stars in the field of crust, but biggest nonsense
written on this game. This game is a tough
blockbuster game as they're supposed to be! Exciting and spectacular, fun oneliners and a graphic
beauty to say to you. Most likely the last, at least for the geniuses at Naughty Dog.
It is of everything, and beautiful
in balance, where the storyline is constantly followed. The movies in between are very nice, and
there is also the necessary humor.
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Hours of fun, and when you've finished the story, there are still multiplayer and other solo
possibilities to play. 4 0 inappropriate review? Enigmus that
gives this game 1ster would rather stay with your chess game! You probably don't play anything else.
you're missing one of the better exclusives on the PS4. 173 inappropriate review? Good sp, great graphics,
reasonable mp pre order orders and neatly received from bol on the publishing date,
measurement/11233 top.
- Hire one of the four "accomplices" to fight by your side. He or she will monitor your enemies, heal fallen allies or provide assistance
with destructive weapons.
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- Buy a mystical object and
chromas-loot.html call in supernatural help reminiscent of Drake's previous adventure. Call in the
help of El Dorados cursed sarcophagus, the powerful Cintamanisteen of Shambhala or the fiery Djinn from The Secret City of Ubar
to turn the tide.
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Target group fanatical gamer minimum age 16 Content age indication violence Region Free System
Requirements Sony PlayStation 4 console + controller.
Later in the game, the videos take away. Operation http://abenteuer- is very easy, if you do not get out during difficult puzzles you can
choose to get a tip. I think the mp is reasonable. You can face separate challenges to earn points, e.g.
shooting with a sniper.
Sam's more reckless than Nate, and he's pretty jealous of his little
brother's accomplishments. Experience your own breathtaking moments when you join friends in the
multiplayermodi of Uncharted 4.
Nathan Drake returns to the dangerous underworld he tried to leave behind. And now he has to risk
everything to save the people he holds dear. Join Drake, Sam,
Elena and Sully in search of a lost treasure in this epic adventure and explore tropical islands, snow-
covered mountain peaks and busy cities. In-game purchase optional Remote-Play support